F1F delighted to be helping golf ace

The Freeman 1st Foundation is assisting teenage ace Tommy Risker as he rises up the golf leaderboard. The charity has provided funding for coaching, club membership, competition entries and living expenses to help the young man fulfil his potential.

Tommy is only 17 but is showing a real will to win, which will be invaluable in the highly competitive world of golf.

He has been winning headlines in his local paper Scarborough News, which described him as a “top prospect” after he claimed back-to-back club championship wins in 2020.

Tommy told the newspaper: “The long term goal is to play as high up the professional rankings as I can get through years of hard work.”

The trustees of F1F are delighted to be helping Tommy on his journey.


In 2021, Tommy has been working with swing and short game coach Graham Walker and putting coach Lee Sullivan. The Scarborough College student has started work on a new strength and conditioning programme at the gym to make further gains on the golf course.

Tommy Risker rising golf star

Recent highlights include winning the East Riding Junior Championship, where no-one was able to catch Tommy, a top 20 finish in the North of England Open Amateur Championship and a top 10 finish in the Faldo Series boys championship in Scotland.

Tommy has decreased his golf handicap to a point where he can play in most international events, which means he has some very exciting times ahead.

Leanne Brewis, Trustee of F1F, said: “We are thrilled with Tommy’s development and very impressed with his results to date. He has a lot of natural talent but what sets him apart is his work ethic and willingness to put in the hours to achieve his ambitions.”

Tommy Risker Sponsorship F1F

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