The Freeman 1st Foundation

The Freeman 1st Foundation (F1F) has been set up to provide practical and/or financial support to talented young people resident in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Who We Are

Meet our co-founders – Leanne Brewis, Lesley Jackson and Stuart Sanderson

Find out why we are supporting our young talent
Co-founders Leanne Brewis, Lesley Jackson and Stuart Sanderson

About Freeman 1st Foundation

Bridlington and similar seaside towns have some of the most beautiful beaches in Britain. They are also home to exceptionally talented young people who have so much to offer. But like many seaside towns, Bridlington has its fair share of challenges. 

A House of Lords report in 2019 said young people in coastal communities “are being let down and left behind by… a lack of employment opportunities, resulting in low levels of aspiration”. Too often teenagers with a special gift for the arts, academia, business or sport cannot pursue their dreams because they lack the support at the right time.

Freeman 1st Foundation Trustees
Henry Freeman painting

Our trustees grew up in Bridlington and have first-hand experience of these problems. As successful businesspeople, we feel a great sense of pride in our hometown and want to help unlock opportunities for talented young people to overcome any obstacles they might face and achieve their full potential.

Our registered charity is named in honour of our ancestor Henry Freeman, the famous lifeboatman and sole survivor of the 1861 Whitby lifeboat disaster. He was strong, courageous, forward-looking and determined, saving more than 300 lives in his career.

We want the Freeman 1st Foundation to give a helping hand to talented young people and create new stories of success in Bridlington and similar towns in our surrounding area.

The Freeman 1st Foundation provides financial and practical support to young people with outstanding abilities in the arts, academia, business or sport who might otherwise be held back by their circumstances.